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Supported by NSF Award 0829651
Supported by NSF Award 0829651

This is the wiki for the NSF CPATH Project: Building the Northwest Distributed Computer Science Department.

The Northwest Distributed Computer Science Department (NW-DCSD) Project seeks to develop a unique educational community within the Pacific Northwest region of the United States by uniting educators who are devoted to sharing knowledge, resources, and expertise to transform computing education across the region. Together, this community will focus on:

  • Enabling and fostering innovative change within the Computer Science (CS) curriculum
  • Sharing knowledge and resources as innovation takes place
  • Enabling heightened outreach to K-12 schools
  • Integrating computational thinking into a variety of disciplines
  • Enabling heightened ability to evaluate new educational strategies

The community we envision will initially be comprised of faculty from teaching-oriented institutions and will allow us to collectively overcome resource barriers to accomplish together what we cannot accomplish alone.

The project is led by three principal investigators from Gonzaga University (Robert Bryant,, Willamette University (Genevieve Orr, and Washington State University Vancouver (Scott Wallace, The community consists of members from across the region.

2011 CPATH Spring Workshop at WSU Vancouver has concluded.


Location: WSU Vancouver (VLIB 201)

  • Map
  • Parking -- park in the Blue lot, which should be free on Saturdays

Date: Saturday, May 21 from 10am - 4pm


  • Current project status.
  • Survey data analysis.
  • New paper ideas.
  • Lessons learned from the past 3 years.
  • CT definition update.
  • CPATH extension.
  • Efforts underway for an NSF CE21 planning grant proposal.
  • Plans for the HS robotics workshop at this summer's Superquest.
  • Status update on Robo101
  • Other - If you have other items to include, please let us know when you RSVP.

The 2010 CPATH Summer Workshop at WSU has concluded.

For details see 2010 Summer Workshop.

Lunch in front of the library.
Lunch in front of the library.
PIs Scott, Jenny, and Rob
PIs Scott, Jenny, and Rob


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