QueryTunes is a QuickSilver action script for Mac OS X based on the TuneTag work by Chris Brown and Jesse Newland. This script adds additional features to their original 'playtag' script. In particular, QueryTunes allows playlists to be defined using logic operations over tags and other song attributes. For example, if you previously defined four TuneTag tags "rock" "jazz" "mellow" "upbeat", QueryTunes will let you create playlists such as "rock and upbeat" or "jazz and not upbeat", or even more insane "(jazz and upbeat) or rock". This power extends to a few other song attributes each delimited with a special code. These include the artist's name (a:), name of track (n:), genre (g:), album name (b:), and any of the above (*:). Thus, QueryTunes lets you create playlists with much more flexibility than iTune's built in search facility. So the query "*:bjork and *:tricky" will (pretty much) do the same thing as the ordinary iTunes search terms "bjork tricky". However, the search "*:bjork or *:tricky" wasn't nearly this easy before.

Note that tags can also be delimited with a "t:" so "rock" is synonymous with "t:rock". Three logical operations are supported: and, or and not. QueryTunes has only received minimal testing, I make no guarantees and your mileage may vary. Have fun.

querytunes.scpt v1.1q (Oct 2006)

Soar v8.4, v8.4.5, v8.5


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